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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

You’re used to medicine being a little bit bitter, which is why the taste of CBD oil doesn’t bother you. With Secret Nature CBD flower, you can even enjoy the original flavor profile of budding cannabis, which everyone agrees tastes much better than CBD oil tinctures.

CBD users generally report that CBD-rich hemp oil tastes reasonably bitter with a distinct earthy flavor. In some cases, users may also report a hint of sweetness, but overall, CBD tastes like what it is–medicine. Some CBD tinctures are infused with artificial or natural flavors, but we like to keep things simple at Secret Nature by offering an unflavored tincture with beneficial ingredients like black seed oil and peppermint oil.

The strong taste that most users report in association with CBD is natural, and it’s a reminder that your CBD-rich cannabis is full of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that contribute to its unique effects. Dive into the taste of CBD oil with Secret Nature, and learn about all the amazing flavors you can experience when you try our products.

Should CBD oil have a taste?

That depends. First, let’s cover the flavor basics for each of the main three forms of CBD extract:

  • Isolate CBD: This type of CBD consists solely of isolated cannabidiol, so it doesn’t have an earthy taste. Instead, isolate CBD mainly tastes bitter.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: With the THC removed, broad-spectrum CBD oil might taste slightly different than full-spectrum CBD.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: As a whole-plant extract, full-spectrum CBD oil contains the full medley of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other oils present in cannabis flower. Full-spectrum CBD products tend to have the strongest taste.

So, CBD should have a very noticeable taste when it is in broad-spectrum or full-spectrum form, and isolate CBD has a milder taste. There are some tastes that you never want to have in your CBD oil, however:

  • Sweeteners: Some CBD tinctures contain sweeteners to mask the natural taste of hemp. Rather than putting you at risk of diabetes by adding needless sugar, we decided to include natural flavor-enhancers like peppermint oil in our Organic Hemp Flower Nectar instead.
  • Flavorings: Natural flavors might be okay, but there’s simply no excuse for contaminating CBD oil with toxic artificial flavoring agents.
  • Dyes: Why would you want to change the color of hemp oil? We don’t know either, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that food dye has no place in CBD tinctures.
  • Contaminants: That odd taste in your cheap CBD oil might be nothing, or it might be a dangerous contaminant. Make sure that the company you’re working with provides detailed lab testing for quality assurance.

What is CBD oil supposed to taste like?

CBD oil should taste pure, fresh, and inviting. A word to experienced cannabis users–CBD is nothing like THC, and that extends to this cannabinoid’s flavors and sensations as well. Repeated THC inhalation can hurt the throat and cause a cough, but THC doesn’t cause much of a burn on the way in. CBD, however, may naturally cause a brief sensation of heat as it is inhaled. With that said, inhaling CBD over time appears to be much milder than inhaling THC.

If you notice anything odd about the taste of your CBD, stop using the off-flavor product at once. Generally speaking, CBD oil should taste earthy with hints of sunflower seed and walnut, and of course, CBD-rich hemp oil tastes quite a bit like hemp seeds or hemp seed oil.

Chlorophyll? Yuck!

Green and useful, chlorophyll is an important part of every plant. It doesn’t taste very good, however, which is why cannabis extraction methods that remove chlorophyll should always be preferred.

Most experts agree that it isn’t dangerous to ingest chlorophyll, but the presence of this substance transforms hemp oil from something mildly bitter to a substance so plant-tasting that it almost can’t be consumed orally. In addition, the presence of excessive levels of chlorophyll in CBD-rich hemp oil could be a sign that inferior extraction methods were used.

What does hemp oil taste like?

That all depends on which type of hemp oil we’re talking about. It’s common to use the term “hemp oil” to refer to two very different substances, so it’s important to clarify a few vocabulary points before we proceed.

Hemp seed oil vs. CBD-rich hemp oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. During the flowering phase, Cannabis sativa can be stimulated to produce either seeds or cannabinoids, and these seeds have profound nutritional value. Hemp seeds are not high in cannabinoids or terpenes, however, which makes vaping or smoking hemp seed oil useless and perhaps even dangerous.

CBD-rich hemp oil, on the other hand, is not extracted from the seeds of cannabis plants. Instead, it’s extracted from plants that took a different route: expressing as many terpenes and cannabinoids as possible during a brief window leading up to optimum harvestability. Therefore, CBD-rich hemp oil contains high levels of cannabidiol, and other types of hemp flower extract might be high in THC, CBG, or any of the dozens of other discovered cannabinoids.

Culinary uses of each extract

While hemp seed oil and CBD-rich hemp oil taste similar, connoisseurs can tell the difference. Then, of course, there’s the more obvious dissimilarity between the intended purposes of each type of cannabis extract. Hemp seed oil is mainly prized for its nutritional value, but hemp flower extract is used for its purported medical qualities. Cooking with either substance therefore requires an understanding of the taste profiles, benefits, and detractors of both hemp seed and hemp flower extract.

Many chefs liken hemp seed oil to olive oil or any other vegetable oil commonly used in cooking. It doesn’t have a very pronounced flavor profile, and it’s easy to drizzle or even cook with at low temperatures. Hemp flower oil, however, has a very strong flavor whether it contains CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoid, and its exact taste profile varies widely depending on the terpenes present and the extraction process used.

Amateur cannabis cooks would be cautioned to use sparing amounts of cannabis flower oil. The omega fatty acids and essential nutrients in hemp seed oil, however, make it the perfect garnish to use liberally on salads, meats, or stir frys.

Does CBD oil get you high?

During the early days of the industry, it was common to say that CBD was “non-psychoactive.” Since then, we’ve learned that this term isn’t as applicable to cannabidiol as we once thought. On the other hand, it’s certainly true that CBD is non-intoxicating; it provides many of the same benefits of THC-rich cannabis without the high.

Tasty terpenes with unique effects

In addition, each of the terpenes present in cannabis oil provides a special effect that adds a unique layer to your vaping, smoking, or ingesting experience. We’ve only just started to scratch the surface when it comes to terpene science, but it’s starting to seem like each terpene has as much potential as any of the discovered cannabinoids. Now is certainly an exciting time to get onboard the terpene trend, and enjoying Secret Nature flower is the best way to experience the power of terpenes no matter where you might live.

Many CBD products don’t contain the full terpene profile present in cannabis flower, which needlessly diminishes their potential. Since Secret Nature CBD flower represents the true power of the supreme cannabis calyx in full bloom, however, it naturally contains the full terpene profile present in hemp. These terpenes are what make each Secret Nature flower strain taste so great, and they also might hold the key to Cannabis sativa‘s therapeutic future.

Flavorful Secret Nature reviews

Our customers frequently take note of the exquisite flavor profiles present in each Secret Nature flower and vape product. Here are some examples of reviews that perfectly showcase just how tasty sinking into a puff of CBD can be:

“The best one yet. We’ve tried a couple of different types so far but, the frosted kush is the best! It tastes amazing and smokes great!” – Jen C on Frosted Kush.

“The taste was amazing and the CBD effects where immediately strong and long. Over all I would definitely recommend this strain.” – Shawn F on Cherry Cough.

“Best CBD vape pen I have ever tried. Smells great, tastes great, and effective. Awsome for micro dosing throughout the day. Will definitely be ordering more.” – James D. on Forbidden Fruit.

Discover the taste of organic CBD

Vaping is safer than smoking, and organic is better than conventional. We hope you’ll make the right choices for your lungs, but even smoking isn’t as bad when the incinerated plant matter you’re inhaling is from happy, contaminant-free Cannabis sativa plants like those we cultivate with love here at Secret Nature.

A quick look through our hundreds of verified buyer reviews is enough to prove that we’re a cut above the competition. Our pedigreed flower phenotypes are grown in tightly-controlled indoor conditions under energy-efficient LED lamps, and each flower jar is vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. We simply care about getting it right more than anyone else, and we enjoy nothing more than passing the fruits of our efficiency and innovation onto our customers.

With Secret Nature, savor every taste and enjoy every flavor knowing that the flower you’re inhaling contains the richest medley of cannabinoids and terpenes possible. We promise that no heavy metals, mycotoxins, or other contaminants will make their way into your top-shelf flower, so buy online with confidence knowing that the Secret Nature team has your back the entire way.

You're used to medicine being a little bit bitter, which is why the taste of CBD oil doesn't bother you. With Secret Nature CBD flower, you can even enjoy the original flavor profile of budding cannabis, which everyone agrees tastes much better than CBD oil tinctures. CBD users generally report that CBD-rich hemp oil

What Does CBD Tastes Like & How to Make it Taste Better

CBD has recently been trending all over the world, and in the countries where it is legal, like here in the UK, it has been available to buy since the 1st of November of 2018. And since CBD is such a versatile substance, it can be presented in many different forms, all of which vary in taste, potency, and consumption method.

When it comes to CBD that can be taken orally, there is a variety of different products you can choose from, such as capsules and tablets, CBD oil, CBD paste, and CBD edibles (which can vary greatly in the presentation).

One of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to these types of CBD is “what does it taste like?”. Well, in this blog, we’ll go over what CBD tastes like, and how to make it taste better since it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

But first of all, let’s go over exactly what CBD is, how it’s made, and why it tastes the way it does.

What is CBD and How is it Made?

CBD is scientifically known by the name cannabidiol. It is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants alongside 100+ other cannabinoids such as CBDa and CBG, and other substances such as flavonoids, terpenes, and essential nutrients (Omega-3&6, Vitamins A, B, and E, and minerals such as phosphorus, and zinc).

To obtain CBD, it is first necessary to grow hemp or cannabis plants — specifically, high-CBD strains. Once the plants are full-grown, the seeds are taken and processed through what is called a cold-press, which is similar to the process necessary to make olive oil.

Then, the hemp/cannabis seed oil is further processed in order to isolate the CBD from other components found in the oil such as traces of THC, and certain terpenes and flavonoids. Once the CBD is fully isolated, it is made into whatever form will be sold — edibles, tablets and capsules, oils, crystals, etc.

More times than not, there is not much done to the flavour of the CBD products, especially when it comes to CBD oil or drops, CBD paste, or CBD isolates. So the taste of the raw product is definitely prominent throughout these forms. But that’s not always the case!

What Does CBD Taste Like?

CBD is described as having a very interesting taste which can vary depending on the form in which it’s consumed. But overall, it is common to describe CBD as having an earthy taste, with notes of some terpenes (similar to the smell of pine trees or aromatic plants such as lavender).

Sometimes, depending on the type of form of CBD that you take, the taste can be much more bitter and earthy, such as when you take CBD paste, since it is a whole plant extract, and includes as well the taste of the plant itself.

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But other forms of CBD are practically tasteless, such as some CBD oils made from CBD Isolates, CBD Crystals or Isolates, and CBD edibles. Therefore, it really depends on the form of CBD which you take, and there is always the option of switching to a more neutral-tasting form of CBD if the one you’re taking is too bitter.

If you tend to find the earthy taste of CBD to be overpowering, look for CBD products made from CBD Isolates as these are made with CBD that has been completely isolated. Meaning there are none of the terpenes and flavonoids that are found in full-spectrum or the raw extract that gives that earthy flavour.

But that’s not the only way to make sure your daily CBD dose tastes good! There is also the option of making your CBD taste better by making it into your own edibles, or making drinks with it! Below are some fun and simple ways to make your CBD dose tasty:

How to Make CBD Taste Better

  • CBD Drinks. There are countless options when it comes to CBD drinks. You can add CBD crystals or CBD oil drops to practically any drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic. In fact, many people suggest taking CBD oil in a glass of your favourite juice for better flavour.

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  • CBD Foods. Just like there are countless dishes, there are also countless dishes you can add CBD to, from CBD pizza, to CBD ice cream. Adding CBD to your food is super easy, and usually completely masks the earthy flavour of CBD. Of course, it depends on the type of CBD you use, but if you cook with more mild-tasting CBD forms, you most likely won’t be able to taste it at all.

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  • CBD E-liquid. Vaping isn’t an option for everyone, but if you like vaping, or are looking at it as a nice form of your CBD, prepare for no earthy taste at all! Vaping CBD tastes only of the flavour of your CBD vape liquid, and not like CBD at all. You can even make your own CBD e-liquid!
  • CBD Edibles. You might have seen that CBD comes in the form of edibles, usually candy such as gummies or chocolate. Well, these are another great way to make sure that your daily CBD dose will taste good every time. You can find a variety of different dosages and types of edibles, so it is well worth looking at the edible options!

Though CBD does tend to have a prominent earthy taste, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are ways to make your CBD does taste better, as you read above, so there is no need to avoid taking CBD due to the taste.

You can always experiment with different CBD forms in order to find the most suitable for you; and there is always the option of taking CBD capsules or tablets, which are tasteless! Even further, if you simply can’t take the taste, you can get your daily dose through your skin by using CBD creams and lotions, or other topical CBD forms!

So, even if the taste is not for you, there are a plethora of different ways you can take CBD. Therefore, you should get out there, try some different forms of CBD, and see exactly which one is best for you before you rule out using it due to its taste. There is always going to be a form of CBD that is perfect for you 🙂

Some find the very strong plant taste of CBD to be overpowering. Find out some tips and tricks from Bloom Botanics to help it taste better.