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I use cream and oil daily

I use cream and oil daily! I use the oil at night! Some times I use oil during day! Really like the product! My massage therapist recommended this product!

Cbd balm

I have had problems with my hands for yrs..being in construction for 30 yrs will do that. Ive used other cbd balms,they tend to seperate and get gritty..i tried the sisters balm 500mg and ecen tho it did get a little soft hasnt seperated and is smooth,best thing is it does help with my hands. They are not as stiff. Have to apply only a couple time a day. Andbthe smell brings me backvto my teen years,😂😂. Thank you and god bless

I purchased a bottle of 1000mg strength…

I purchased a bottle of 1000mg strength cbd oil for my elder father who suffers from insomnia and chronic pain. 10 drops every evening. He is now sleeping soundly through the night for the first time in over a year. He feels good enough to go out onto our property and chop wood for hours (one of his favorite pass times since I was a child). His mood is lightened because he feels better generally overall. The good sleep, but also the lessened overall body pain is the reason why. We’re all sleeping better now that Dad is too. Thank you dearests for your work. Definitely a lifetime customer!!

Love the CBD

Love the CBD salve. Use it daily on hand and finger issues. If I miss a day, I can notice a difference. My daughter uses it on a shoulder issue and has noticed a positive difference.

I want to thank everyone at Sisters of…

I want to thank everyone at Sisters of the Valley. It’s because of what you ladies do that keep me living because of health issues. You all are loved and appreciated.

I’ve been a customer for the past 3…

I’ve been a customer for the past 3 years. I workout 5-6 times a week. I’ve tried other brands of CBD salve but Sisters of the Valley are definitely better.

Relieves pain in 10-15 minutes.
Stays on during heavy workouts with lots sweating for up to 2 hours/plus.
Used at night on the sore/painful area and it help keep the edge off of the pain for a more restful sleep.

Thank you Sisters of the Valley. I love your product!

My first experience has been a positive one.

The order was processed accurately and I received it within 2 weeks. It was packaged well and arrived in good condition. I have been using the double strength cbd oil for about two weeks and it is helping with my symptoms from ulcerative colitis. The customer service and overall support from Sisters of the Valley has been outstanding. Everyone has been courteous and helpful. Thank you for providing such a positive experience for this first time user!

Delayed mailing.

Dear Sisters, I ordered your calendar and I guess there was a delay so Sister Kassidy sent me a note of apology for the delay. It was not a problem at all with these days of Covid my mail is delayed a lot and I had not noticed it. So thank you very much, I love the calendar and wish you all much success in this new year.
Jean Graham

Devine intervention.

Thank you Sister Kate and crew. I simply adore your dedication to assisting others in all sorts of ways. Your product is the best I have used and the little balm along side is always greatly appreciated. Much love to you all during these now crazy times xxx

Experienced some relief from pain.

First time client. Purchased for the stated quality of their products. Received the 2 oz salve with much reluctance. Was surprised there was a small amount of relief on use, which was a miracle.
No false hopes, but will try it again in the very near future. Hope the results are the same or better.

Quickly effective

I had never used hemp CBD infused oil before. It is fantastic! I got one of the lower dosages, yet it is still very effective in controlling my pain. I can use it and can still function through the day. Love it! The company has been informative, professional, down to earth and communicative. Outstanding.

Perfect service

Perfect service, fast delivery. These products are the Best!

Not thrilled with the smaller bottles…

Not thrilled with the smaller bottles of salve. Hopefully you can get the bottles you need and soon!

I highly recommend Sisters of the Valley products

I have used CBD oil from Sisters of the Valley for a couple of years. I am 66 and take no other maintenance drugs. Highly recommend Sisters of the Valley oils and salves.

Consistent and ethical products

I am always pleased with my order. I typically order the large bundle.
My favorite product right now is the salve. It is helpful for my nerve pain.
Been doing business with them for a long time. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Sisters.

It’s unfortunate that I might lose my…

It’s unfortunate that I might lose my job due to a positive urine analysis for marijuana I take a dropper sometimes two of sisters of the valley tincture routinely every day and I passed the hair follicle last week and now failed in urine. Still love your products.

Update: Terminated for 48ng/ml. Dropper tincture in the morning and 1 to bed. Trust me I wish it wasn’t the case but it’s the only product I use period. It was a nice gesture that you folks were going to pick up your products seeing as I can’t use them In my DISA drug screening job but still haven’t had any word back. Again I can’t tell you how much your products have helped me with my ANXIETY. I do love your products.

I’m in this industry

I’m in this industry, and know farms all over the world, and I buy from SOTV.

Shipping fiasco

I ordered the product end of December. The shipment had no address, so was essentially lost. I called and worked with a representative to fix the issue. I was provided with the product and some free salve samples. I was surprised that the shipping was not overnighted. I waited for the product; finally, it was received. Luckily, the products were fine. However, no instructions or details about the use of the product were provided. We searched the website and found some vague equations to determine usage. Considering the type of organization I am a bit surprised at the non-shalant approach to solving this issue. The amount of time and effort I spent on this was just not worth the cost of the product or the anxiety the product is intended to help. I would give a zero star rating if I could, but one star for at least the resolution that did occur. Needless to say, I will not be shopping for these products at Sisters of the Valley.

Because the company decided to place blame on me; I would like it to be known that I have an account with all of the pertinent details needed to properly ship an item. I am astounded by a business that cannot take responsibility for its own ineptitude.

Hello Robert, we greatly appreciate all feedback and encourage the growing community to provide advice to help us improve for the global benefit and our community members. Please keep in mind we are farmers. We are Sisters (and Brothers). Most importantly we are humans, not robots.

Our goal is to get the medicine to as many people as we can in the most efficient and most Earth friendly manner possible. We care about our Earth and our processes respect that.

I personally reviewed your order, and the reason why you did not get the delivery was because you did not provide all the necessary details for the shipment. In fact it was returned to us. Here is an excerpt from USPS:

January 11, 2021 – 7:51 am
Insufficient Address

January 26, 2021 – 8:13 am
Arrived at Post Office
CA, 95388

We rely on our customers to provide the necessary information to fulfill the shipment and it is your responsibility to ensure the details provided are accurate and complete. No sir, you did NOT have an account with all the correct details that is why it was stated by USPS that there was insufficient information to find your delivery address and was subsequently returned to us. It was only after you contacted us that we were able to correct your address information with new information you provided us. So please provide facts here instead of berating us for your errors and omissions.

Regarding our course to cure this situation; in speaking with Brother Elias he advised that you did contact us through our [email protected] email and a replacement was entered on January 13th, only two days after it was realized your order did not have all the complete details.

So we are confused how our cure for the issue did not meet your expectations, even after we provided you with free gifts for the inconvenience which was outside of our control. Or how you have become so displeased with us that you will never buy from us again?

We are truly sad to see you go in this manner. But it is probably for the best as we need to get back to work and focus on getting our medicine to the people that appreciate our work and the tireless efforts we go through to ensure we meet everyone’s expectations. Our other 400 reviews are quite different to yours and we are grateful for all our followers for understanding what EVERYONE is going through, especially during these unprecedented times.

Regarding the dosage related concerns, we always state that we cannot provide specific dosing instructions because everyone’s needs are unique and varies from person to person, symptom by symptom. We understand that the division of mg/person/day may seem complicated or may have confused you, and we take that feedback to heart. We will review these FAQ’s for completeness and do our best to explain this more in layman’s terms. So thank you for bringing this up.

For everyone’s benefit, here is the current FAQ regarding dosing:

Every person is different, every health condition is different, and we are neither doctors nor scientists and by law cannot prescribe a regime. However, we advise folks to talk to their doctor, herbalist or do some research for themselves (first) to determine how many mg of CBD a day they intend to take.

If it is 10 mg a day, the answer to dosage is different than if it is 50 mg a day. Once you know how many milligrams a day you want to ingest, take the total mg of the bottle of oil (either 250 or 500 or 1000) and divide by the mg a day you wish to get.

If you are using double strength (1000 mg of CBD), then 10 mg a day will last 100 days). If you have a one ounce bottle of regular strength, then 250 mg divided by 10 mg a day is a 25-day supply.

If you are taking 50 mg a day, then the double-strength bottle lasts 20 days (20 x 50 = 1000 mg), and if you are taking 50 mg a day, but have the 1 ounce bottle of regular strength, that will last only five days.

It is easy to calculate, once you decide how much CBD (in milligrams) you wish to consume. Then listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Regardless of the holistic path, we encourage everyone to see their doctors regularly. The doctors have the good diagnostic tools. has 5 stars! Check out what 416 people have written so far, and share your own experience.