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How Will Regulations Change in 2021 for Growing CBD Seed in Kentucky?

Growing CBD Seed in Kentucky Under the State’s Hemp Pilot Program
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2021 will be a big year for Kentucky’s agricultural industry. The state will be enacting new laws regarding hemp cultivation. This means that the current pilot program will no longer exist. In this article, we’ll discuss potential changes and what they mean for farmers growing CBD seed in Kentucky.

History of Hemp Farming in Kentucky

Before we dive into recent changes, it may be helpful to gain an understanding of the history of hemp farming in Kentucky. Prior to the War on Drugs, many farmers in Kentucky grew industrial hemp on their land. In fact, Kentucky used to be the largest producer of hemp in the United States all the way up until the 1970’s. Then the political landscape shifted and it became outlawed. For several years, it was unlawful to grow, process, or sell industrial hemp within state borders.

Then the 2014 Farm Bill was enacted and everything changed. Or, you could say, it went back to the way it used to be… well, almost. Industrial hemp became legal to grow in Kentucky once again, but growers had to operate under a research pilot program. Still, farmers wasted no time in applying and over 200 applications were issued in the following years.

Then in 2018, commercial production was legalized. This was a monumental leap that would place Kentucky in a good position to But this wasn’t the end of legal changes. The USDA released their Interim Final Rule which established a regulatory frame work for hemp production throughout all 50 states. States can choose to adopt their own hemp program or have farmers operate under the USDA’s program.

Kentucky will be implementing its own hemp program, which is set to launch in 2021. This new framework will be similar to the previously existing pilot program, with the exception of a few changes.

How Will Kentucky’s Hemp Laws Change in 2021?

For the most part, Kentucky’s hemp program will remain the same. But there will be a few minor adjustments. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has addressed these changes on its website. You can find them in the Orientation for Growers PowerPoint under the sections “USDA Interim Final Rule released Oct. 31, 2019” and “Main Changes Expected from USDA Interim Final Rule in 2021.”

For your convenience, here is a quick summary of expected changes:

  • The Interim Final Rule will likely require some changes to Kentucky’s process for testing and sampling.
  • Stems and seeds will be removed from samples.
  • If THC content exceeds 0.5% the licensee will receive a “Negligent Violation.” If three violations occur within five years, the grower’s license will be suspended.

While none of these changes have been finalized, there is a good chance that they will take place next year. If you have questions, you can reach out to your account manager at CBD Seed Co. or email the Kentucky Department of Agriculture at [email protected]

Stay Compliant with Legal CBD Seeds in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture stresses that seed genetics are important for a farmer’s ability to maintain compliance. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a seed supplier you can trust. CBD Seed Co. has the knowledge and expertise to help make your hemp farming operation a success. Call today to place an order for high CBD hemp seeds or clones for your Kentucky land.

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