high hemp wraps cbd content

High hemp wraps cbd content

For the the review of the High Hemp Wraps, we chose the Popular CBD+ wraps. These are flavorless.

As of Jan 2018, High Hemp offers the following flavors: Honey Pot Swirl, Lemonade, & Maui Mango.


Upon inspection, we noticed a very clean, smooth design with a sweet color scheme. Packaging includes 2 wraps, 2 tips, and a freshness seal. The label boasts that these wraps are CBD+. If you don’t know much about CBD check out (24 scientifically based fun facts about CBD). However, CBD+, according to the manufacturer, means “CBD Positive”. Read more about that at the bottom of this review.

This wrap is actually the first vegan approved wrap we’ve reviewed, but we suspect all hemp wraps are actually Vegan approved. Either way, this wrap is Vegan Approved!


This wrap is flavorless, which allows you to get the most flavor out of your cannabis. What’s great about this wrap is that when it’s burning it doesn’t give you an unpleasant taste of paper or tobacco. That’s how a “flavorless” wrap should be — and it is!


Like most natural wraps, it offers an earthy, grainy, aroma.


Upon first inspection, the wraps appeared brittle and dry. Surprisingly enough it was up to the test! No cracks or breaks while we rolled it, which we expected. We found it’s a little difficult to keep the included tips from sliding out if they aren’t placed before the cannabis. The trick is to place it about 1/2 inch in allowing it to slowly slide into place while rolling. Once you roll a few, you’ll get the hang of it! We’re just glad we got tips with the wraps!

Burn Quality:

When it came time to light up we noticed it tended to burn a little unevenly and away from the glue. Otherwise it burned smoothly, but it is not the slowest wrap we’ve tested.


When we looked for these wraps we noticed an average price of nearly $3 for 2 wraps. We lucked out and found them online for $1.75. Sweet! You’re getting a high quality product for the price!

Advertised as CBD+ (Our Questions / Concerns):

High Hemp Wraps are the only hemp wraps that are advertised to be “CBD+” or “CBD Positive”. Wait, do these wraps contain the same CBD that science has proven to be so beneficial? It seems reasonable to us that hemp wraps contain CBD, but none of the other manufacturers make these claims. Did the other brands miss this as a key marketing ploy or did the other brands steer away from marketing CBD because of the regulations around CBD? Cannabinoids are heat sensitive. Does the hemp wrap manufacturing process somehow destroy the natural CBD? Shouldn’t all hemp wraps contain CBD? We were confused until we read the nitty gritty details. High Hemp actually addresses this on their blog.

High Hemp’s website states that they are not adding CBD to their product and that the CBD in the wraps is the naturally occurring CBD found in hemp plants. How much CBD is in a High Hemp Wrap? By reviewing their blog post dated Sept 16, 2016, it looks as if the “MAX CBD” amount is 0.02% or .21 mg/g. According to the chart on their blog, this is the maximum amount of CBD one might consume with this wrap (no filler).

There appears to be quite a bit of confusion around the advertisement of “CBD+” as displayed on these wraps. Like most people, we see “CBD+” on the packaging and assume the wraps have CBD in them. Technically, that’s true — they just don’t say how much (or in this case how little) CBD is in each wrap. High Hemp simply states their wraps are “CBD Positive”. In other words, they used a gas chromatograph and a tiny amount of CBD showed up in the test, which makes it “CBD positive”. Frankly, the amount of CBD in these wraps is insignificant and the amount of wraps one would need to consume to see any reasonable benefit from the included CBD is ridiculous. High Hemp’s claim of the wraps being CBD+ is apparently true, but we find the advertisement “CBD+” or “CBD Positive” to be somewhat misleading.

High Hemp CBD+ Wraps are made in Amsterdam and are the only wraps to actively promote a CBD Component in the hemp. Vegan Approved!