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Cannabis Oil Sublingual Spray

Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards 2018

Award Winning Product

Introducing Canada’s first and only peppermint medical cannabis oil sublingual spray.

Easy to use, discreet and convenient, Elixir provides an alternative, smoke-free method to consume medicine. Elixir delivers a fresh peppermint spray of cannabis oil from a child resistant 15 ml bottle.

30 to 45 minutes

Wait one to two hours before consuming more after initial dose. Elixir is easy to access and use while allowing you to micro-dose. Start low and go slow, increasing your dose gradually.

MCT 2 Peppermint Oil Blend

Elixir is delivered in a fresh peppermint spray. Traditionally used for freshening breath and helping with digestive tract pain (a recent scientific literature 3 review has found peppermint can help in managing certain gastrointestinal disorders)

Elixir CBD provides approximately 900 mg** of CBD per bottle and Elixir THC approximately 400 mg** of THC per bottle. No oral syringe or dropper required.

CBD Softgels 10mg

Hexo Softgels are a blend of high quality cannabis extracts and MCT oil. A discreet way to consume a consistent dose of CBD featuring the gold standard of the capsule format. Each Hexo Softgel contains 10 mg CBD. 30 Softgels per bottle. Intended for oral consumption.

Softgels THC

HEXO Softgels are a blend of high quality cannabis oil and MCT oil. Each softgel contains 5mg THC. 30 softgels per bottle. Intended for oral consumption.

Learn more about Elixir and our smoke-free and ready to consume products by visiting OUR FAQ FOR PATIENTS.

Equivalency factor for purchasing calculations
15ml bottle = 0.2 g dried cannabis.

Elixir THC

A discreet and easy-to-use hybrid THC sublingual spray in a MCT only product. Elixir CBD comes in a convenient child resistant spray bottle.

1 Medium chain triglyceride

2 see Anheyer, Dennis, et al. ‘Herbal Medicines for Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review.’ Pediatrics (2017).

* While every effort is made to ensure consistency of product, cannabinoid percentages/amounts will vary slightly with each lot. For the most up to date cannabinoid percentages/amounts, please log in to our online store.

** can vary between lots

Leaves portrayed are from the peppermint plant ( M. Balsamea Willd)

HEXO is a trusted Canadian medical cannabis company known for award-winning smoke-free product innovations.