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Grön CBD Dark Chocolate (100mg)

Grön CBD

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Grön CBD
Grön CBD Dark Chocolate (100mg)

Product Overview

Wow! That was our first response when we received a sample of Grön Cbd Chocolate to try out in our store. “I would pay $20 for this bar even if it didn’t have CBD in it” was the second.

These Oregon chocolatiers take CBD infusion to a whole other level. There is a craft sense to this company and a clear passion for their art that you don’t typically find in a lot of CBD edible products. From start to finish, Grön painstakingly sources every one of their ingredients to create one of the best edible experiences we have come across. Their CBD is locally sourced from Certified Organic Hemp grown at East Fork Farms in Oregon. Their cacao is all fair trade sourced, and they use locally harvested Jacobsen Sea Salt. Grön prides themselves on being a socially conscious, equal opportunity and living wage employer, providing benefits, maternity and paternity leave and paid vacation time to all employees. They are everything a CBD company should be, in our opinion.

Dark Chocolate Bar:

what’s in it?

Hand-crafted, fair-trade sourced, 72% cacao dark chocolate infused with organic hemp extract and topped with locally sourced, hand-harvested Jacobsen sea salt.

why do you want it?

Grön’s dark chocolate bar is an excellent substitute in any recipe calling for high quality dark chocolate, making it a great choice for any budding hemp chef. Of course, it’s always amazing on its own with its smoky, bright, well-balanced flavor and smooth finish.

Gron CBD Dark Chocolate Bar