dmso and cbd topical

DMSO and Cannabis Oil

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I’ve meant to try it but never got around to it. I have a tube of DMSO around here somewhere I should dig up and see if it works for my sore joints. Problem is that all my joints are sore some days and I’d need a jug of the stuff.

The best thing I’ve used to date for joint pain is hi-CBD pot extracted with coconut oil, (cocobudder), taken orally in the evening. The usual morning pain is greatly reduced and the effects last most of the next day. The strain I used was Sweet Skunk CBD that I got at a compassion club that had been lab tested at 12%CBD and 7%THC so about a 2:1 ratio. The high is almost like being happily drunk or medicated with something like Demerol. Quite pleasant with no hint of anxiety which is a problem for me with the sativa dominants I like to toke to help with depression. If I take a bit too much of that it’s not a pleasant ride and means I’m going to bed early to sleep it off. Much less pain reduction as well.

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I want to eat it I really do, but the effects for me are over the top, even at small dosings.
I try and try, all different strains, different methods, still, swirling face rolling tummy sweats
dizzy and a three day hangover. gets old even trying anymore but I persevere.

I got my first DMSO last year, rubbed the hell out of my diseased joints and felt the warming, sorta kinda relieving like, but
no miracle for me.

then recalling a party thing with a lemon a bowl of water and some dmso, instant lemon breath from dipping a hand or foot in the lemon water. I did what came natural.
I gently warmed a cap full with a pin head dot of my oil, mixed it up til dissolved, and applied to one of my twisted up finger joints.
It warmed the are like before, but this time I felt the familiar head swirl after 6 minutes, washed it off, but the effects kept coming.the rest wasnt down hill. but pretty heavy and unexpected for me. Reminded me of using too much dabs in one sitting
I plan on working with it some more, like with little round band aids and such, admittedly afraid of the voodoo though.

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Just straight DMSO or did it have oil in it? I know DMSO is really good for carrying medications through the skin into the blood stream and recall reading years ago that it alone could give relief to aching joints. At one time it was banned in Canada and I’m not sure of it’s legal status now but will ask about it next time I drop by my favorite health food store.

I get high massaging cocobudder into my skin but not as high as takin the same quantity by mouth. I make my cocobudder at a 20:1 ratio by weight. I made some 10:1 but less than half a tsp, 2ml, was enough to get me really high so the lower strength mix makes it easier to dose with. It’s going to months yet before my CBD plants produce and once they do I won’t know the actual levels of CBD to THC either so it’s back to experimenting with dosing.

If you get too high from edibles or the DMSO thing a couple oz of booze seems to knock the intensity right down for me but I never keep booze in the house unless I plan to get drunk and I’m not planning to do that anymore. Black pepper is supposed to work too. Either just smelling the jar of ground pepper or chewing a couple of peppercorns. Haven’t tried that yet but rarely overdose with the edibles these days.

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first time was just dmso, no oil. felt warm, but little pain relief for me.
next time was with oil..shit!!
next times will be with less oil lol

I had a new 3.5 oz jar of icy hot once. figured it makes it through the skin, not to the brain necessarily, so infused gram after gram into into it until I finally felt something besides the normal icy hot. ten grams of oil to the jar of icy hot did it, finally. I’ve had that jar for over a year, still nice too. 10 seems excessive I know, but whatever I guess. its all subjective really.

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Got around to trying this last night. Definite increase in effectiveness over straight oil but lower dosage definitely called for. Normally we take two capsules at bed and are just mildly relaxed once they hit. We used equivalent to 1 and it was weird and unpleasant. All body, lots of disorientation. One site suggested adding water to extend if using on a larger area.

That said, definitely worth experimenting with since my neck still doesn’t hurt this morning

Anyone else medicate this way ?