co2 extracted cbd oil for sale

CBD Extraction

Here at Peak City CBD, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to CBD extraction. We take organically-grown Carolina hemp and process it into a high-quality CBD extract that can later be used in the production of various CBD-based products. We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships with local farmers that share our goals when it comes to delivering premium products. At Peak City CBD, we put a high emphasis on traceability, and that’s why every drop of oil we produce can be traced to its seed.

Organic hemp grown for the purpose of producing CBD oil contains less than 0.3 % of THC. This means the risk of experiencing psychoactive effects is reduced to a minimum. Hemp extraction has come a long way and is much more efficient than it used to be back in the early days of the industry. Thanks to our modern CBD extraction equipment, we are able to produce a very pure, high-quality product with little to no byproducts. We also have the necessary facilities that help keep the moisture content as low as possible and allows for smoother and better processing.

Are you a farmer who wants to convert his hemp biomass into more manageable or profitable crude CBD? Our toll processing hemp service can help you prevent CBD % degradation and ensure your goods are always fit for sale. We utilize a comprehensive CBD CO2 extraction that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract all of the beneficial cannabinoid and CBD properties with the least amount of byproducts. The costs of storing large amounts of hemp biomass are much higher than wholesale CBD products. They also require large facilities and are not as lucrative as processed CBD oil. Contact us today to find out more about our toll processing service and how you can reap more profits this harvest season.

We take organically-grown hemp and process it via supercritical CO2 extraction into a superior CBD extract that can be used in various CBD-based products.