cherry blossom cbd

Cherry Blossom

Plant Characteristics Full and very bushy hedge like structure. Rapid and abundant vegetative growth, tight nodal spacing, with thick sturdy stalks and heavy flower yields. Creates abundant shade to its root zone and can thrive in high heat. Dense and abundant sparkling lime green flower yields.

Flavor and Aroma Like it’s name suggests this strain is full of big, bold berry flavors but with a delicate, floral side as well, strong blends of gardenia, apple, and citrus blossoms. Heavy Myrcene + Pinene dominant terpene profile gives the cultivar a very potent smell and a wide range of profitable end uses.

CBD 27:1, Easily capable of achieving 30:1 CBD to THC or more depending on growing conditions. USDA Farm Bill Compliant with Total THC

Harvest FINISHES EARLY! Late September to early October.

Spacing 4-5ft if planted early in the season, 3ft if planted later or in a greenhouse environment. Plant is compact and stout.

Genetics Berry Blossom x Cherry Wine, 99.9% feminized

Cherry Blossom Pricing

30 pack – $105

60 pack – $150

120 pack – $240

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