cbdistillery reviews reddit

Cbdistillery reviews reddit

As I found out about CBDistillery through Reddit I thought I’d let you all know my experience with them, and why I won’t be using them again. If their customer service were to actually serve the customer(me) I may consider trying them again.

They had awesome prices and I loved their first bottle. It did wonders for anxiety, pain, and my girlfriends epilepsy.

I liked the first bottle(500mg) so much I decided to buy the 1000mg bottle. Thinking it’d just be twice as strong and I’d use half the drops.

Was it? I have no clue because I won’t use it.

When I received my bottle I was eager to try it out. I opened it up and was immediately hit with the pleasant aroma of cannabis and. dog poop?! As my windows were open I paid no mind. Thinking the poop smell was drifting in through the window. I put 5 drops in my mouth(half of what I used with the 500mg bottle) and immediately tasted hemp and . dog poop! It was terrible. It tasted exactly as it smelled.

I put the cap back on and tried again the next day(just to be sure). I didn’t even put it in my mouth as I knew this day would be no different. Wondering if I was possibly crazy I had my girlfriend smell it and her nose immediately wrinkled in disgust. She disagrees on the dog poop smell, but says it smells like something rotting. Either way, it’s bad. She refused to try it.

So maybe it’s a bad bottle or something. I proceeded to email CBDistillery and ask if I’d gotten a bad batch or what was going on. I explained how it smelled like hemp and dog poop and tasted the same.

The reply I got was less than satisfactory. I was told that it was supposed to smell like hemp. (Duh?) Ellese, the contact from CBDistillery, completely ignored the fact that it smelled horrible. But then told me if I was unsatisfied she could generate a 15% discount code for me. They already had an email promotion going on for a 15% discount code. I don’t see how that helps me with my current bottle.

I’ve no idea why my bottle smelled so bad, but any other company would have either 1, had me send it back and sent me a new one or 2, sent a new bottle out immediately.

Proceed with this company at your own risk. I know their product does work, however, I also know it can literally smell(and taste) like shit and the best they’ll do is offer you a 15% discount code to buy more from them.

23 votes, 24 comments. As I found out about CBDistillery through Reddit I thought I'd let you all know my experience with them, and why I won't be …