cbd wellness salve

Cbd wellness salve

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This stuff WORKS! I personally use it for joint pain and tendonitis and it works great for me. Much better than the other products I have tried. (There are other testimonials below.)

This salve starts with raw African Shea butter and incorporate beneficial elements such as coconut oil & beeswax creating a creamy, CBD infused holistic option for topical pain relief & first aid. The CBD infused cream provides powerful relief for ailments such as joint & muscle pain, along with first aid qualities to sooth cuts & Burns. Our Salve contains 50mg CBD and comes in a 2oz container.

We have tried many CBD products, with zero results! It is unbelievable that products are allowed on shelves that have no value to the body. CBD Wellness is the best! After searching for months, we were so excited to find products of high quality from CBD Wellness!

I use the salve for pains, sore muscles, itch relief, small cuts abrasions, works well, heals quickly.

I have really bad knee pain and have tried other CBD products and this one is the only one that helps and I love it.

Tried two other CBD products with no luck and had given up on CBDs, but then a friend recommended this one. It helps with my pain.

I use it for muscle pain and it works wonders.

I use the salve for pains, sore muscles, itch relief, small cuts & abrasions. It works well and heals quickly.

I have been dealing with Lateral Epichondilitis (better known as Tennis Elbow) for about three months now . . . I can honestly say that after using CBD Wellness, pain relief never felt so good. I’ve tried several other products including physical therapy, and CBD Wellness has been the only product of value for me . . .

I have had eczema since childhood. In the past few years, the breakouts on my hands have become more frequent and painful. Steroid creams helped for a short time only, but the itching and irritation never stopped. After just three days of frequent use of this hemp salve, my skin is clearly healing, is no longer red and the itching has stopped almost completely. I’m amazed. Nothing has ever worked this well. I’ve already recommended this product to others.

Helps my rough, dry skin immensely.

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