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Relief – 500 mg CBD add curcumin (anti-inflammatory) and piperine (black pepper extract for better absorption) $64.95

Sunrise – 500 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle, add sun protection agent $64.95

Sunset – 500 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle, add gaba (sleep agent), melatonin (sleep agent), vitamin E $64.95

Wellness – 1 bottle of Relief, 1 bottle of Sunset $109.95

Water Soluble – 500 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle $54.95

Ice Gel – 300 mg CBD add natural menthol 5% topical pain reliever $49.95

Why SOTA? – We have done extensive research and vetted many companies who make and sell CBD and have found that we believe SOTA offers the highest quality product at the lowest price. Here are a few reasons we chose SOTA:

  • Higher Absorption of CBD – SOTA CBD is water soluble and uses nano-emulsification technology to deliver CBD into the bloodstream. An emulsion is just a homogeneous mixture that allows water and oil to co-exist at small practical sizes so that they do not separate for better absorption without passing through the liver. SOTA is specifically developed for high potency and easy absorption to make sure more of the CBD gets used by your body.
  • Consistency – All of SOTA CBD’s raw material, derived from hemp, is created using the same extraction process in the same facility, which creates consistency. This ensures that you will receive a product that’s always reliable and effective.
  • Premium grade/more pure, highest quality – SOTA CBD offers CBD products of the highest purity with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances. Everything in SOTA products has a purpose. CBD oil is not FDA regulated so there is no standard on its quality. SOTA has more quality control than other brands. There is no comparison between SOTA and other brands of CBD oil on the market. SOTA works with one of the largest extractors in the country and takes pride in obtaining the purest CBD and works closely with doctors to educate their patients on their products and process. They sell the highest quality products at the most affordable price.
  • Made in the USA – Everything related to SOTA CBD products are manufactured, tested, and produced in the USA. We do not import any goods in the production of our CBD products.
  • We are a tincture and not an oil – What is the difference? A tincture is a categorization of product, much like edibles or topicals, as tinctures are all taken orally and sublingually, or under the tongue. CBD tinctures are liquid solutions that are designed to host the benefits of CBD oil combined with additional elements. Expanding on the difference between CBD oil and CBD tinctures, ingredients like carrier oils or terpenes may be added to the tinctures to maximize their potency. Tinctures always include other components besides standard CBD oil. Most of the cells in your body are only capable of directly absorbing particles which are 60 to 80 nanometers in size. The CBD particles in most standard CBD oils, no matter the quality, is about 2000 nanometers. So, comparing these numbers, it is physically impossible for you to absorb CBD oil at the cellular level because the particles are just too big. When you take standard CBD oil orally, the oil has to be broken down in your stomach and has to first go through your digestive system and get broken down by the liver and other sites in the body before it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and the effective amount of CBD that you are getting is actually far less than the amount you originally took.

Making CBD oil nano-emulsified effectively makes the CBD oil water soluble, meaning you can now mix with anything water based! Because the particles are so small, even though you are ingesting the CBD orally, the particles do not need to be broken down by the stomach and they enter almost immediately into your bloodstream. Therefore, it is referred to as a tincture and not CBD oil.

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