cbd oil after surgery

CBD and Surgery Recovery

Sooner or later it happens to all of us. You or someone you love ends up in a hospital bed fighting for their life and you wonder if you can help them in any way. The process of surgery recovery may be long and difficult. It sometimes means lots of pain. In a situation like this, we have to consider all the options. Anything that might mitigate the pain and speed up the recovery process is welcome.

This is where CBD products come in to play as possible solutions. CBD is often used for recovery because it is believed to reduce inflammation, mitigate pain and speed up the surgery recovery process. If you ask around, you will probably hear several amazing experiences patients had with this natural supplement. Taking CBD after surgery actually may help reduce pain and recover sooner than expected. The most important thing, as they usually point out, is to find the best dosage and to figure out when to take it. We are all different, our injuries differ and so will the amount of CBD we’ll take.

What is CBD?

Before we go into detail it’s important to answer this basic question. CBD is a type of cannabinoid that is a completely natural product derived from cannabis, from the hemp plant. It is frequently confused with marijuana and this is simply wrong. This is because CBD does not contain THC which is responsible for the “high” that marijuana causes. Therefore, it does not have any psycho-active effects. We are sure that with more mainstream attention, public opinion will soon change and people will become more aware of all the potential that CBD has.

Is it ok to take CBD oil before surgery?

Now, after going through the basics, we can discuss how you could use CBD to your advantage. Many of you probably wonder if you should take CBD oil before surgery? One of the reasons CBD might be a good choice before surgery is that it might help reduce your anxiety. Every patient of course, feels more or less stressed, anxious or simply worried about the outcome. Even though worrying won’t do us any good in such a moment we usually just can’t help it. If there is a supplement that might help you deal with such a stressful situation, you definitely may want to try it.

This is still something that is being researched. However, some scientists believe that the way your nervous system reacts to serotonin is responsible for this positive CBD oil feature. Apparently, your brain’s receptors are basically proteins that connect with your cells and help them move messages back and forth in order to make them respond to different stimuli. It turns out that if we are able to slightly change the way they deliver these messages we can as well mitigate your anxiety or even pain.

For the great majority of people, a 500mg dose should be enough to ensure stress reduction, to lower the heart rate or to reduce the PTSD. It is, however, of the utmost importance to consult your doctor before deciding to take CBD, and about the the dosage. Just like with any other supplement or medicine it is always better to have an expert’s opinion before using CBD oil or some other product. Consulting a professional is important because it should help you develop your own plan to use the product expeditiously and without any side effects.

CBD oil after surgery

And now we come to the question of taking CBD after surgery. A great majority of patients experience two main difficulties after the surgery or even after they leave the hospital. These two discomforts are usually:
– sleep deprivation
– dealing with pain

Depending on the type of injury, many patients commonly have problems falling asleep. This may be caused by pain, bandages that are too tight, restlessness or some other factor.

Every injury recovery means having to deal with a certain amount of pain. In some cases, you will be advised to be careful with the prescription painkillers and opioids. Doctors are usually afraid that using too many painkillers might increase your resistance.

This is where CBD oil comes into play. With the right amount of CBD you may be able to reduce the pain you are suffering from and consequently, to improve the quality of your sleep. Once your sleep cycle is back to normal your CBD recovery process may begin. Again, it is important to mention that you should talk to your doctor before deciding on the dosage.

What about anti-inflammatory properties?

Using this completely natural supplement can possibly help you immediately reduce the pain which, as a part of your surgery recovery, seems to be unavoidable. It goes without saying that painkillers will have a better effect when it comes to pain reduction. However, they are not only unnatural but they also come with numerous side effects. Even though we are not advising against painkillers as such, it is suggested that some more natural options should be considered as well.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help mitigate the pain and improve your mood and overall feeling of well-being. Once you get rid of inflammation, your body will be able to heal faster. Inflammation as such represents the reaction of your immune system focusing on the point of weakness in your body. This is a basic self-defense mechanism your body uses to defend itself from the bacteria that might endanger your system during the time of crisis. By using CBD oil you may reduce the inflammation and hopefully, the amount of pain you are experiencing.

How to choose the right form of CBD?

For those who are on the go, gummies would probably be the best option. However, those cases are rare. Most of the patients are tied to their beds and are not allowed to move around. For them, CBD tincture and CBD oil are the best starting choices. You should know that the CBD tincture is a more potent version of CBD oil and is taken by a dropper.

Should I stop using it after recovery?
It’s been several months after your surgery. You are now fully recovered and you wonder if you should stop taking CBD? The good news is that you don’t have to! It is actually highly recommended that you continue taking this amazing supplement. It is the most potent natural supplement you can find in the market. Order your batch today and see what it’s all about.

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