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CBDactive+ is an effective, innovative and drinkable alternative to regular CBD oil. Regular CBD products and cannabinoids are fats (lipophilic), which are difficult to absorb and easily degraded by the body. CBDactive+ is water-soluble (hydrophilic) and therefor provides maximum bioavailability.

Less expensive
Pleasant taste
Stimulates well-being
Active ingredients
Faster and stronger effect

Water-soluble CBDactive+

CBDactive+ is a water-soluble form of CBD oil. It consists of a combination of our best hemp extract and our unique BioACTIVE+ mix, which ensures that the active ingredients are quickly and fully absorbed by the body. In addition, CBDactive+ contains a wide variety of cannabinoids and all terpenes produced by the primal hemp. This enhances the product’s entourage effect and helps the cannabinoids stay in your bloodstream longer, compared to regular CBD products.

Our BioACTIVE+ CBD mix dissolves in tea, lemonade or other drinks and makes dropping CBD oil under the tongue a thing of the past. It also tastes a lot nicer and is easier to dose than regular CBD oil. Since it is soluble in water, you can also use it in a nebulizer so that the active ingredients can be inhaled in a healthy and responsible way. Inhaling CBD with our CBDactive+ Nebulizer helps your body absorb the available cannabinoids even faster – providing instant relief when needed.

For more information about water-soluble CBD and bioavailability, read our blog: ‘The benefits of water soluble CBD’.

Ingredients CBDactive+:

  • Water, curcumine, hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, triglycerides, myrcene, B-caryophyllene, limonene, pinene, linalool, sodium bicarbonate.
  • High CBD hemp extract

How to use CBDactive+?

You can easily mix CBDactive+ with every water-based substance you can think of. From coffee and tea to juices and lemonade. Though we recommend drinking CBDactive+ with water or tea or to administer a dose directly into your mouth for the best results.

Why is water soluble CBDactive+ better than regular CBD oil?

Traditional CBD products are fats or fatty oils, which are difficult to absorb by the mouth’s tissue. Moreover, fatty Cannabinoids are broken down by the body as soon as they reach the liver. This way, no more than 6-12% of the available cannabinoids are actually absorbed by the body. In other words, regular CBD oil has a ‘low bioavailability’. However, CBDactive+ ensures that all active ingredients are fully (thus 100%) absorbed by the body – the highest bioavailability possible.

Logically, this makes the use of CBD with CBDactive+ way more effective. To put it in perspective, the effect of CBDactive+ with 4% CBD is comparable to a regular oil containing 40% CBD! As you might expect, the high bioavailability and efficacy as a result, make this product a cheaper alternative to normal CBD oil too; as NO CBD is wasted by the body after consumption.

How much CBDactive+ should I use?

Production process video of CBDactive+

Try CBDactive+ yourself and experience the difference this drinkable alternative makes!

Water soluble CBD – Up to 10x more effective than regular CBD! The drinkable alternative to CBD Oil | Made in the Netherlands by Dutch Natural Healing #healthiswealth